Hill Dunes – My Body, Deprived & Polluted


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The vinyl version includes a digital download.

1. Dust
2. Horizon
3. Tanglefoot
4. Helm
5. All My Best
6. Barge
7. Blue Wing
8. Gypsy Blood
9. Born Sainted
10. Horrors Of Polar Justice
11. Quarter Mile

This is the kind of record you want to play while you’re watching the sun rise at the start or end of a day. It’s the record you reach for when you’re about to smoke a joint with your father for the first time.

“My Body, Deprived and Polluted” is the first full-length album from Hill Dunes. Centered around the songs of Timothy Remis, the project went by the name Ditches prior to its recent name change. Joining Remis on the record are his sister, Elizabeth Remis (vocals, violin) and Jacob Levee (electric guitar).

The album was recorded over the course of two years at 8AM in Chicago. Some songs were recorded shortly after they were written with the focus on intimacy and simplicity (“Our Own Worst Enemy”). Others were given time to find the right arrangement and instrumentation. In order to play the solo on “Barge” the way he intended, Levee didn’t sleep for two days and arrived at the studio drunk at 10 am. The solo was tracked before noon.

For the past twelve years Remis has sung and played bass in the band Sweet Cobra. Levee sings and plays guitar in the band Canadian Rifle. Elizabeth Remis is a longtime member of the band Pillars and Tongues.

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