Matt Arbogast – Daddy Was a Sick-Hearted Singer


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My Dear Daughter,

When your mom and I found out you were coming we were really excited. I was scared to death too, so I started doing the thing that helps me keep my head screwed on. I started writing songs. In a couple of months I had a whole album of songs about things that might be hard to talk to you about later.

A few friends helped me record them soon before you were born. Mom even helped me sing one of them. And Tess made it on here too.

I hope this record helps you understand why I sneak off into the basement some nights and why I leave you and mom at home for a couple weeks at a time. These rough, weird songs brought me to Chicago, brought me to your mom and now bring me to you. Whenever I try to give up on them I turn into a sad jerk. I don’t want to be a sad jerk.

You don’t have to like them. You don’t have to listen to them often. I just wanted to make sure you have something to remember me by when you’re traveling the world, living far away or I’m not here to tell you how much I love you anymore.

Now let’s go take Tess for a walk.


1. That’s All I Ever Wanted of these Songs
2. Birmingham
3. Yes, I’ve Gotten High
4. Interlude
5. Most Every Day
6. Tattoo
7. Your Lungs, My Teeth
8. 96
9. Walnut Street
10. Daddy was a Sick-Hearted Singer

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